Posted by: truthlover5 | May 6, 2013

Does Obama Plot to Be Dictator by Third Term?

Must Read article by Doug Hagman – a DHS Insider Report.

The Obama administration, including his czars and his closest Progressive supporters, are planning a manufactured insurgency against America. Using the media to garner both sympathy and support for his unfinished goals.

Full article:

Comments From Truth:


Obama is dangerous. We must remove him from office.  We must Unite.

So many of Obama’s statements and actions lead to a take-over by him for the 2016 election – or non-election.  We must stop him before that happens.  His defiance of the Constitution and Congress, his purposeful divisiveness, his intentional chaos and weakening of our freedoms and security, his planned destruction of our financial stability, all point to a planned dictatorship.

But there is more.

There is Obama’s…

  • Goal to educate children starting at an even earlier age (give him 10 years and he will control the children’s beliefs
  • Attacks on Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression
  • Attacks on Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms
  • Attacks on Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure
  • Attacks on Amendment 10 – Powers of the State and People
  • Myriad cases of going around Congress
  • Plans for an in-country militia
  • Stockpiling of ammunition and weapons
  • Comments about preparing for a potential uprising or civil unrest
  • Refusal to protect our borders
  • Inaction in protecting our Military
  • Weakening of our Military
  • Refusal to acknowledge the Muslim extremists who want to destroy US
  • Allowing foreign student visas with no follow-up or penalty for abuse of visa
  • Weapons-smuggling to the Muslims
  • Supplying of billions of dollars and equipment to the Muslims to build up their Military while weakening ours
  • Encouragement of illegal aliens having full rights of legal citizens (so that they’ll vote for him in 2016 – if there is an election)
  • Community-Organizer skills that he uses to orchestrate voter fraud
  • Manipulation for greater public dependence on the government
  • Suppressing Christian religious rights
  • Slanderous defamation of and threats to those who oppose him
  • Support of abortion and free contraception (fits UN Agenda 21 goal of population control)
  • Interest in spending millions on an exhaustive study of the brain but doesn’t have the funds for White House tours and the Military (By itself, not of concern, but when included with everything else, there is a concern for someone who has a vengeful personality characteristic.)

Obama is a dangerous man who hates America and wants to bring us down and take ultimate control.  Despite his claims otherwise, Obama is supported by powerful figures outside of our country.  His heart is with the Muslim extremists.  His every word and action scream this truth.

He supports and is supported by Communists and Socialists and Progressives and all those who seek the reorganization of our country according to their goals.

The Obama pressure from the top down is matched by the UN Agenda 21 plotting from the  ‘ground-up’ that is redesigning our naive communities who are buying the lies.  The ‘improvements’ divide and conquer, leaving us isolated within our own country, weakening our freedoms, increasing big government and UN control

Obama must be legally removed from office.  His fake birth certificates and criminal use of someone else’s Social Security numbers, and Michelle Obama’s complicity in this fraud, should have people demanding his removal from the White House.

The main-stream media silence reveals they are no longer news organizations – they are propaganda machines.  They select the news that supports their agenda and ignore any news that contradicts.  They distort the facts and seek to destroy anyone who disagrees.

As a result, the truth is not getting out to the main public.  People truly have no concept of how dangerous is Obama.

Another challenge is the inaction of the Congress to investigate Obama.  They act as if they are either frightened, or … I really don’t understand why Congress is being so weak.  Do they not realize that if Obama succeeds in his schemes, they will no longer have jobs unless they become puppets of the regime?

It’s up to us to save our country.  We must get the truth out to as many people as we can.  We must develop relationships with those in Congress who will risk their re-election to protect us and the USA, and who think more of their country than their jobs.

We must clean out the White House, including the Administration and the Congress if the ones in Congress are following the Administration’s damaging policies and refuse to investigate the truth.  We must start over and fill DC with fresh faces,honest people with business experience who care more about their country than using their position to gain wealth at our expense.

We are not victims.  We are not impotent.  We have power.  Our choices and actions will determine the future of this great nation.  We must choose our partners wisely and take actions that will Save the USA.  We must unite.  It’s up to us.

Quoting Todd Beamer‘s final known words on Flight 93 on 9/11, “Are you guys ready? Okay, let’s roll!”


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  2. Good article buddy but don’t worry. Jehovah sees what they are doing and will take action when the moment is perfect. Unfortunately, all these things that are happening were foretold, but this is also a promising thing. The worlds governments will be challenged and defeated, just not by us. So stay patient and keep the faith brother.

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