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“Free will is your gift from the Creator. Your power lies in your freedom to choose. No one can take that power from you unless you allow it. Choose well. Choose from your unlimited supply of options and answers provided by the Divine, for you.” ~ Divine Message

When embodied, this Truth of your power to choose is a life-changer.

Analyze whether or not you are willingly or unwittingly giving away your freedom to choose to someone else, and if so, why?   Fear?  Intimidation? Lack of confidence?  Analyze why you make less than desirable choices, then take action to take to release those hindrances, and the greatest – realize and accept the wisdom of continually calling upon The Great Wisdom to guide you in the right choices for your highest good. This is the foundation on which you develop your Personal Life Plan. This analysis is to help you become better aware of the Divine Gift available to you through your freedom to choose, and your connection with the Power of the Universe that knows all.

Reclaim Your Power!

The power to choose for yourself is yours alone.

Quote from The Way of Mastery:

“You all know perfectly well that sometimes you seem to be compelled—and the ego wants you to believe that you are compelled—to certain actions, certain feelings, certain choices, certain perceptions, certain statements by something that surely exists outside yourself. This is never true.

  •  In no circumstance is there anything of creation that has the power to dictate to you the choice you will make.
  • No one has the power to create your experience.
  • No one has the power to limit your experience.
  • And nowhere in the laws of God has it ever been written that you must conform your experience to the choices of another.”

~ Jeshua Ben Joseph, “The Way of Mastery”

Think about what that signifies! That means you are not impotent! You are not a victim being blown about by circumstances like a leaf in a storm with no control over its direction. Instead of being driven by events, you are free to choose the course of your life by using the power of the Universal Mind That Knows All, and even more importantly, knows you, intimately.

This means you are connected with the infinite field of pure knowledge, pure intelligence, out of which all things and all possibilities arise, and you have the freedom to choose what that is. But the indispensable factor is that you have the intelligence of the Great Mind at your disposal so that, IF YOU CHOOSE, your choices can be made, not by guessing and hoping, but from the Wisdom of Divine Guidance flowing through you.

Wow! That is power!

So then, here is your choice:

“You can go on forever exactly as you are now. Or you can allow the Mind of God to flow through you, carrying you to an ever-greater expansiveness and deepening your awareness of the infinite loveliness of the power of the Mind of God.” ~ Jeshua Ben Joseph, “The Way of Mastery”[iii]

The Power to Choose is called the freedom law, because only you have the power to choose for yourself, unless you mistakenly give away your power.  That, too, is a choice.

What the quotes are saying is that Divine Communication/Connection is a powerful tool for you to use to build the life you want because that is where the guidance and the answers are, and so that you streamline your efforts to what is right for you, not just stumbling around with ‘best guess’ and wishful thinking. Your power to choose wisely is through your communication link within Pure Intelligence, the Mind That Knows All.


The Power to Choose is the tool you use to develop your life plan. We rarely acknowledge the power and control we have over our own lives. We usually feel adrift as if life is pushing us along, or other people influence what happens to us, that we are merely reacting to surviving in the moment and feeling a bit lost and powerless.

You have the Power of the Divine at your disposal for you to access every moment.  With that Divine Power as your co-creator, decide what you want for your life! You have the power of choice. Not your parents, your spouse, your friends, no one – unless you give it away. Don’t give it away.

Reclaim your power!

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