The ‘WHAT DO I WANT?’ Challenge for YOU

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My challenge to you and something to consider no matter your situation or life challenges: What do you want? Really want? What do you want deep down within you that is so buried you can barely sense it?

I challenge you to give much thought to this question and to make your own What do I Want? list, and then go deeper with your thinking. Drill down to the real want. This might take some time to get to the real wants instead of the superficial ones.

I ask you to consider this as you make your list…

If you could place an order, like from a menu, knowing it would be brought for you, what would you ask for? What would you like to do on this earth in this human experience while you are still here to do it? What will you regret if you don’t do it while you’re alive in the physical? While you have the chance? What do you want?

I suggest something that you might consider even more challenging for you: Don’t do this alone; ask for Divine Guidance for assistance with this challenge, for that is where your True power lies – going to where the answers and solutions are – going to Pure Intelligence that is yours to access continually. See how your wants might change when you do this in co-creation with your Creator.

LIST what effects in your life displease you or are less than desirable and you want to change. Then list your dreams.  If you could have whatever you order from the menu of life, knowing you would have it, what would that be?


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