Healing Guilt, Shame and Regret, Part 7: Consider: When you don’t forgive, who or what controls you?

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We ended Part 6 with, if you don’t forgive, even when the one abusing you is a charming sociopath, who, or what, controls you?

On the home page there are descriptions of the emotionless but superficially charming   sociopathic personality that causes great harm. Perhaps you’ve been caught in and confused by their games of control and manipulation. If so…

Consider: The charming sociopath is like a parasite. Because they don’t feel emotions, they have to continually feed off of other people’s emotions. They always  have to have a victim. They are dependent on others outside of themselves. That is their weak link. Are you allowing yourself to be their victim? You have a choice. It might be a risky, dangerous choice, but you still have a choice. Get help.

Consider:  Is there any reason not to choose a better life for you? The NS will never feel real emotions, only fake ones to control you and make you feel guilty.

Choose freedom. Choose healing. Go after what is best for your life. All things are possible with God, so don’t try to do this alone, in fact it’s impossible. Ask for Divine guidance, knowing that the way will be shown to you. Even if your unforgiveness is unrelated to a NS…

Consider: What do you want for YOU? Continual bondage with the reminders and memories fueling the unforgiveness? Or freedom? Do you choose to hold the chains of unforgiveness for the rest of your life? Chains that shackle you to the act, to the perpetrator? If not, then maybe now is the time to let go and reclaim your power and control. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’ll forget, but it means it no longer negatively impacts you and your decisions.


This is all about you. LET GO!


“When you don’t forgive, you are willfully giving someone else control over you, chaining you to the very nightmare you long to forget, dominating you through negative emotions that are continually impacting your thoughts, fears, health, relationships and life.

“This is because you mistakenly believe that outside forces control you, when in reality it’s the forces inside of you that affect you. I am inside of you. God is inside of you. There is no greater power. This power gives you freedom from bondage to whatever you believe is injustice. But first you must forgive, others and yourself, because forgiveness breaks the chains of domination, releasing the inner power, releasing you belongs—with you.” ~Jesus


If you are finally ready to let go,  but aren’t having any success in doing so, be sure to read Post 8: The surprising secret to forgiveness.

Excerpts from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life, p, 339-343. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015

Quote and Image from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life, p. 347-349. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne

(To be continued)

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