Healing Guilt, Shame and Regret, Part 8: The surprising secret to forgiveness.

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I know. Loving Your Past as the secret to forgiveness sounds bizarre. Impossible. Weird. But stay with me here. I’ve tried this. It works. Read through the information from the book, “Divine Messages from Jesus” by Carolyne Cathey, p. 351-354.

Give the following suggestions a try for yourself. Then, feel free to comment below on if or how this information helps you. Did it free you somewhat from the enslavement of your unforgiveness? I’m curious to know if your result was as positive as mine.

I don’t know yet if you’ve read her insightful book, but this chapter on forgiveness starts with… 

Jesus (Cathey’s Spiritual mentor), explains how to forgive by loving your past.

“Listen carefully,” he said. “There is a secret to letting go of the regrets and it will sound the opposite of what you expect. Your supposed failure is because what you’ve been attempting is from the mind, not the heart. Remember how I’ve said that love is all that matters? What people often don’t realize, is that statement is true even of the past. What most do when trying to heal the past is try to forget it, to block it out, which is mental, when what is most healing is to work from the heart and embrace the past —to love it, love everything about you— including your past.

“Start this moment with healing and letting go of the past as you remember it and is no longer serving you. Without unforgiveness, your past is an anchor chaining you from taking flight into all that is your full potential.

“As you remember it’ means that many, when they look at their past, mainly see and feel their regrets, guilt, anger, and even self-loathing for what they feel they should have done better—all of the should haves and why didn’t I’s. Sometimes you see yourselves as victims mired in pain and anger that you have difficulty releasing. Believing you are a victim is disempowering and conflicting—guilt that you didn’t somehow prevent it from happening, and yet continually giving someone else power over your life because you refuse to release it.

“What you don’t see is the glory in your past. You forget that you did what you believed was the right choice at the time, and there is glory in that. Those experiences are part of learning and growth.

If you never made mistakes that would be the greatest mistake of all because, for one, that isn’t possible when in the physical, and for two, you wouldn’t have been taking the risks necessary for growth and development—you would have learned judgment and arrogance instead of understanding and compassion.”

Then he reveals about the gift inside the pain.

“Mostly what no one recognizes is the gift inside even the sad and angry and painful moments. There is always a gift. Always, even though you might not recognize it for the blessing it is. Recognizing those gifts, those treasures, despite the awfulness of the memories, is the key to releasing the pain so that you can truly love yourself for the wonderful being you are.”

Then he adds the challenge:

“This moment is the perfect time for you to dig out those past moments and send love to all of the negative memories and regrets and guilt. Discover the pearls within that are formed from the friction. Those pearls are yours to claim. Love those moments and accept them for what they are—life’s lessons—and love them as part of the treasure of who you are right now.

“Love and congratulate yourself for daring to live. Love is compassionate, so be compassionate. Love heals. And remember, you are not in this alone. Go inward and ask for help in the healing. Ask to see your past through God’s eyes, through the lens of love.”

Meaning: Unforgiveness is hurting you, not the perpetrators. As difficult a challenge as it might seem, love yourself by forgiving yourself first, then work on forgiving others, remembering that you are doing this for you. Vital to your success is asking for Divine help in forgiving yourself, and others.

Remember the quote:

What most do when trying to heal the past is try to forget it, to block it out, which is mental, when what is most healing is to work from the heart and embrace the past —to love it.” ~ Jesus

Excerpt from Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life, p, 351-354. Cathey, Carolyne. 2015

(To be continued)

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