Politics! How do I Love Those Who…?

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Although the following post is suggestions on threading your way safely and lovingly through political situations, the information is also relevant to dealing with any challenging personality. Hope you enjoy the excerpt From the book Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life p. 181-186. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne. 


Carolyne Cathey writes…

POLITICS MAKES ENEMIES out of friends. Why is that? Do you ever wonder how two wonderful people can look at and listen to the same incident and yet have opposite reactions? Anyone who follows the news media, and your friends, or your former friends, knows this is true. I’ll wonder, did we even watch the same event? How is it possible that we look at these issues from such conflicting viewpoints?

Another puzzle is that the people, candidates, TV news panels, newspapers and political supporters often practice the same behavior they claim they hate. They become what they dislike. They talk love while calling their opponents hateful names. They talk togetherness while spouting divisive accusations. They yell that if they don’t get their way, they promise to be a wounding thorn in the democratic process no matter who gets hurt, instead of being part of a healing collaboration. I’m not talking about a particular party or candidate. I’m talking about what happens when someone wants to win so badly that they’ll do anything to win—even behaving in ways they claim they strongly disapprove of in other people.

Calm discussion is rarely possible in these instances. Far too often, friendships are ended merely because their friends have differing thoughts and ideas.

Divine Conversation about Politics

Like you are encouraged to do, I took my concerns to Jesus who very patiently listened while I ranted and raved about what I thought were the overwhelming injustices in the world, finally working my way to—

“Politics!” I yelled within my mind. “How do I respond when beliefs are so very different? How do I react when I feel that all I hear are lies, that what they say is only what they want me to believe is the truth, but isn’t, and they know it isn’t the truth, but it helps them to get what they want, which is power and control. They spread those horrible lies in order to further their agenda, then people who believe them act out as if the lies are true, hurting themselves, others, our country and world with long-lasting affects. I feel manipulated, like a sucker being played. How do I—”

“With love” Jesus said. “Love is all that matters. That means you don’t respond with attacks or hatred and negativity. Respond with love, with the real eternal truth and the God qualities of love, light, joy, harmony, beauty, and peace.

“People’s actions reveal what is in their hearts. When it is negative, it is a result of some kind of fear. Look at your thoughts and actions. That is what is inside of you, taking up valuable space, pushing out love. What you send out is what you choose to receive in return. If you send out hatred (a form of fear), you receive hatred. Choose to send out love, not fear.

“That doesn’t mean politicians {or abusers} or the press or their followers are allowed to do whatever they want. To let them get by with lies and greed and harming others means you are enabling their behavior. You become part of the problem, not the solution.

“Be smart. Be wise. Look beyond the platitudes and the smooth lies. The challenge is in knowing the truth beyond the perceptions. Don’t depend on a prejudiced press or supporters for the truth. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Research truthful sources. Ask me for help in knowing the truth. Trust in me.”

I asked how you love the people you’re propagandized to fear?

“With love. I know I say that with every answer, but that is because love is what matters. What does that mean?

“It means react and choose from love, not fear. It means pray for those for whom you feel anger and fear. Image them with God’s light around them, filling them with truth and all of the God’s qualities. It means sending your love to them. It means to send healing thoughts and prayers to fill them, surround them, and everyone around them, and to the country, and to the planet. It means to contribute in a positive way.

“It means that, from love, you say no to anyone who, out of fear—which includes ego—rages and destroys and seeks to hurt and harm. That is not love. Seek healing, not revenge. Be part of the improvement, not the destruction. Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.

“When people act out their rage, it means that, in their fright, they are frantically looking outside themselves for their happiness and fulfillment. The Inner Divine is your Unlimited Supplier for your happiness, not from anything outside yourself.

“Love originates from your Source of Love filling you continuously. Remove any hatred or fear that is blocking Divine love so that love fills you to overflowing. First, love yourself, without judgment and with compassion. Then you can love others as you love yourself.

“Remember, you are not your experiences. You are not a label. You are not the drama playing out around you. You are not supplied by those making the promises.

“You are an eternal spirit beyond all of the illusions in the world, including politics. You are one with the Greatest Power in the Universe.

“Ask for Divine guidance at all times. I am with you always. We are a team. Together we make a loving difference. Be part of the solution. Allow me to send love, through you.”

Meaning: This is a volatile subject and stirs passionate reactions.

But, as you notice in the quotes and throughout this book, love is always the answer. As Jesus said earlier, the challenge is in knowing the truth beyond the perceptions. Only Divine guidance knows the real truth.

Here are my personal concerns that I’ve turned over to Jesus:

Tolerance, or the lack of. My concern is that we’ve become an intolerant society, replaced by hatred and judgment. According to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary, tolerance is “a willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.”

Truth is often buried beneath the ‘agenda-spin’. What is sad is when anger and rage mistakenly stem from lies that people believe with all their hearts are the truth, but are really distortions that a press or candidates have claimed is true but are spun into lies so they could win. When that happens, everyone is hurt. Don’t get caught in the lie-trap.

Integrity is another loss. Honesty is fading in importance. Sadly, ‘getting by’ with something is often considered a joke and something to admire.

How are tolerance, truth and integrity undermined?

Fear. Fear is used to control. Fear and control are prevalent in politics, advertising, churches, companies, and families. You’re warned that if you don’t vote for their candidate, buy their product, practice their religion, that horrible results will happen to you—and the planet.

Think about the list: Hate, anger, fear, control, intolerance, lies—everything that is the opposite of the God qualities, which are love, truth, beauty, peace, harmony, and joy.

The truth is, God loves unconditionally. God is love. You are love. Be loving in all situations. Be love. There are no exceptions.

Choose the God-qualities that result in a blessed life for you. No matter what is going on around you,

Choose God. Choose Love.

“You are to repeat and repeat until all know without doubt, you are one with your Source, and the Source is your Unlimited Supplier, not a human.

“Which means that you are to turn to the Source for all things. And…”

“Once you ‘get Oneness’, everything else falls in place.” ~ Jesus

Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. Jesus.p.186. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne.

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