Mistake or Triumph, You Still Learn the Truth

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The following post is helpful in that we have permission to be more forgiving of ourselves when we make mistakes (which we all do), and whether we do it right, or wrong, we still learn. Hope you enjoy the excerpt From the book Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life p.  2015. 321-326. Cathey, Carolyne. 


Carolyne Cathey writes…

MY ‘AHA!’ MOMENT one morning when studying, thinking and meditating is that we experience the same ‘Aha!’ whether from our mistakes or from our successes.

When you make a mistake, you learn what you should have done.

When you triumph, you realize what you did was right.

Either way, you learned the same lesson. That knowledge is freeing. Instead of mentally beating yourself up because you messed up, you still learn the lesson—you still learn the truth. It’s just that the ‘Aha!’ is more fun and rewarding when you learn from the positive results instead of the negative consequences.

This particular Divine message came to me shortly after moving to the rural Pacific coast where I attended a new spiritual center.

During the Sunday Celebration service, I experienced a vision of God’s white, sparkling light flowing from within and through me while in the darkness of space, then we were soaring over the expanse of the ocean near the coastline . . . .

The words of the opening song stunned me as they repeated my entire vision in the same order I’d received it. The first phrase of the song caught my attention, but by the second and third lines, when I realized that not just one part of my vision was being sung back to me, but all of it, tears welled in my eyes and a lump formed in my throat. I struggled not to cry while my vision was sung in beautiful harmony from all around me.

A voice within me whispered,

“You’re home.

I knew from the message that, despite my doubts and lack of total understanding of the differences between what I had learned in the more traditional churches and what I was learning in the new location, that Jesus purposely guided me to this particular church during that period of my spiritual growth to help ‘undo’ some of the false teachings. I knew I was right where God wanted me to be. A comforting ‘knowing’.

In further explanation, I struggled with the transitions from some of the more traditional religious teachings of the duality of God and Satan, to the truth that there is only one Source, and that Source is All Love. After being taught otherwise, I was now learning there is no opposing force such as Satan, or the Devil.

To support that claim were my findings when I reviewed www.near-death.com, an online compilation of people who shared their near-death experiences when out of body. In reading people’s comments, not one person reported seeing a separate entity considered the devil. Not one. As a result, I started opening my mind and heart to the proposal of Oneness versus Duality. After even more studies, I learned that the concept of duality and evil as separate beings was introduced to the Jews during their captivity in Persia (a Persian doctrine), which was a shift from the original Jewish beliefs.

During my transition-confusion, I stayed away from the newly-found Sunday Celebrations because of my struggle with what to believe. For some reason (Divine guidance?) I decided to attend that particular morning where I received the inner message I was right where I was supposed to be for my continuing spiritual growth.

As with all my unexpected messages, I am in awe of the validation of my visions being expressed back to me in someone else’s words, but the power of this particular validation pushed me to the next step—encouraging me to step out in faith even though I didn’t completely understand, as with the vision years ago that I mentioned in The Calling when my deceased grandmother asked me to follow Jesus.

During the service, the Inner Voice strongly urged me to share with the group my recently received revelation that in their Center, I was ‘home’.

In conflict, the ‘other voice’ (interesting that ‘Our Two Voices’ was the guest speaker’s topic that day), was telling me that ‘no one wants to hear my personal experiences’, that ‘who cares?’, and besides, it’s my experience alone, and I pride myself on keeping so much of my inner self to myself. Or, now that I’m thinking back, perhaps I’ve established a habit to protect myself from judgment, risk and ridicule from people revising my experiences for me to tell me what I really experienced, which was the opposite of what I foolishly believed. So to risk all that with strangers and people I barely knew was too much to ask. Or so I feared. Notice that fear is always negative.

By the way, the ‘other voice’ is called ego and rules from fear.

At the end of the service when we were asked to share something personal from our hearts, I regretted not having the courage to make the announcement of ‘being home’. I messed up. I missed out on what God encouraged me to do. I failed. That failure was validated when, later, the subject was discussed of how important it is to share with others. And now it was too late. The moment had passed, never to come again.

One morning the realization came to me that even though I rejected my Divine inner voice, I still received the ‘Aha’. If I had stepped out in faith and publicly revealed my vision/song experience that morning with a welcoming by the Center, I would have received an—

“Aha! So that’s why I was urged to step out in faith.”

And yet, by not stepping out in faith, which resulted in a missed opportunity, I still learned with an—

“Aha! So that’s why I was supposed to step out in faith.”

Either way, I learned.

That said, you will experience fewer regrets and more joy and confidence when you follow, not your fear-ego, but your Divine Guide that knows what is best for you and your life.

Meaning: This message teaches that no matter whether mistake or triumph, you still experience the ‘aha’. You still learn the Truth.

The message also reaffirms your challenge with listening to your ‘two inner voices’—the Divine, and ego/fear. Divine guidance is always positive, encouraging you to reach beyond your self-imposed comfort level; ego/fear is always negative, intimidating you into withdrawing into your false ‘safety’ zone.

There is no denying that some mistakes have more devastating results than others. Wisdom is to choose to do it right the first time by listening to and following the Divine Voice. Think how that choice simplifies your life. Think how much grief and disappointment you avoid by trusting in your Divine Intuition and acting on it.

Learn to open to, listen to, and trust the messages you receive. They will empower you and your life.

“You will experience fewer regrets and more joy when you follow, not ego and fear, but your Divine Guide that knows what is best for you and your life.” ~ Carolyne Cathey

Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life p.  2015. 321-326. Cathey, Carolyne. 


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