Powerful Life-Changing Beatitudes -#1: Blessed are the poor in spirit.

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The Beatitudes reveal powerful meanings that are rarely understood. This deeper understanding can change your life whether you are living with or know a narcissistic sociopath, or are one. Read below to see why.

With permission of Carolyne Cathey, author, inspirational speaker and spiritual counselor. From her talk on “The Joy of the Beatitudes”.

The 8 Beatitudes, or blessings, or the be-attitudes, are the core of the core teachings Jesus came here to share.

What we often don’t realize is the power within the statements. To many of us they have become meaningless. So often when we read through the Beatitudes we skim over them without any realization of the power and depth of their meaning. For one, our lifestyle is so very different, and for another, many of the words either had no accurate translation in the English language, or often the meanings don’t make sense any more, or they come across ho-hum, or they’ve actually come to mean the opposite of the original language.

First, the phrase “blessed are,” when the original Greek word is translated accurately, it means “Oh, the godlike joy of…” The reason that is important is because they are not just wishes of what might be; they are not hopes for future blessings; they are celebrations of what exists right now, at this moment. They are exultant shouts of joy for the Divine blessings that nothing in this physical world can ever take away from us.

5:3 #1 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Poor in spirit, (not financially, but in spirit). The original meaning for poor spoken at the time describes absolute and abject poverty. it describes the poverty which is beaten to its knees, someone who is absolutely destitute.  Why is that something to celebrate? Because it celebrates the person who is so spiritually destitute they realize their own utter lack of resources to meet life, and with nowhere else to turn, put their whole trust in God.  It means surrender, the most significant choice we make. Surrender isn’t only about giving, it is mainly about receiving. We are to empty ourselves in surrender so that total love and Truth and guidance can flood into us and fill us to overflowing without restriction. That is when we truly celebrate the fullness of life that is ours to experience from that inner kingdom of heaven that is within us. Not from anything outside of us, but Inside of us always. That is freedom. That is true joy. To personalize this proclamation of triumph.

Oh, the godlike joy when we feel so spiritually destitute that we finally surrender our lives to God, putting all of our trust in our indwelling Unlimited Supplier, not a human.  This is joy!

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6 thoughts on “Powerful Life-Changing Beatitudes -#1: Blessed are the poor in spirit.

    Dan11 said:
    December 8, 2019 at 1:42 am

    Does that mean there is change possible with this like Jess? Reading from the description it shows how to live with one?


      truthlover5 responded:
      December 8, 2019 at 11:38 am

      Yes, you can change just like Jess did. His determination and refusal to give up were crucial. Most important though – the turning point was that Jess had an unexpected spiritual life-changing event. Reading about Jess’s transformation will be helpful to you, too. Jess didn’t do it alone. He did it with the Divine Power that is in all of us but many don’t know about or acknowledge. Ego gets in the way, telling you can do it without help. That kind of pride contributes to a troublesome life. None of us do anything without help of some kind, but help from God through surrender is the only solution for all of us to have the quality of life we are meant to experience while in this temporary existence. That is what the beatitudes was saying. The really fortunate person is the one who is so spiritually destitute that they finally surrender everything they are and can be to God. Surrender is the most powerful decision we make. It is a release of our fears and hindrances and misunderstandings, with God’s help, in order to make room for and allow Divine abundance and wisdom to fill us and guide us. Only then are we truly satisfied. How badly do you want to change? Enough to ask God to help you? That is the only way. How badly do you want to change? It takes courage. I believe you have that kind of courage. But, you must be the one who believes you have the courage, then make a commitment.

      As to living with a n/s, if a partner or their children are emotionally or physical abused by the n/s, then out of safety and self-love, they must walk away and never return. Self-love means one never allows anyone else to treat them with less than respect, with less than the love that they receive from God.

      God blesses you now and always.


    Dan11 said:
    December 12, 2019 at 6:52 pm

    What about my daughter? Or my ex? Even if my ex is a narcissist or narcissistic


      truthlover5 responded:
      December 14, 2019 at 12:23 pm

      Good questions:

      Your daughter.

      What is her age? That can make a difference as to how you respond. But no matter her age, treat her as you wish you had been treated when you were her age, and now as an adult. Treat her as the precious treasure she is – with love, with respect, with kindness, with patience, with compassion and understanding. Don’t put her down. Listen to her. Really listen. Hear what she has to express without interruption. Even more important, hear what she is not saying, which usually means her fears. Be the example of your new life, the one where you are filled with and guided by God on a healing, loving path. Love her as you are already loved by the Divine – without judgment and with compassion – which means that for your daughter, no matter what, you love her anyway. Be sure to tell her that. Also, do nice things with and for her. Take her to eat, or bring her a flower or something that would make her smile. It doesn’t have to be expensive, merely letting her know you care about her and are thinking about her.

      Might she be suspicious at your change in behavior? Probably. But if you continue in being, not preaching, but being the new God-filled you, and are consistent, then she will build trust in you. You must let her know she can count on you. This is not the time to occasionally revert to old, destructive patterns or you will have to start all over again, and each time you start over, it gets harder for her to trust you. She’ll always be waiting for the old you to erupt. Consistency is crucial.

      Your wife.

      It is not your responsibility to ‘fix’ her. That is her responsibility. What you can be, like for your daughter, is a living example of the God-changed you. Patient. Listening. Calm. Not preaching. But not getting triggered. When you allow what she says or does to trigger you into an angry response, she wins. You’ve given her control over you. When you break that pattern, it will shock her. She won’t know how to react when you refuse to play the ‘game’. You’ll be surprised how it changes the relationship.

      That doesn’t mean you allow her to bully you. You react with a calm strength, and walk away (no slamming of the door!).

      When you exchange your undesirable behavior for a loving, healing behavior, and be the living example of that change and of what is possible, then by your own example you are giving your daughter and wife and those around you the permission to do the same. To change their lives for the better.

      Remember, God also loves your daughter and your wife as you are loved. They, too, are God creations. It’s sad that not everyone knows that truth of who they are. With hard work and determination, you can show them a better way.

      Let me know how this works for you.

      God blesses you now and always.



    Dan11 said:
    December 21, 2019 at 9:09 am

    My daughter is 2 and the mother of my daughter is just that. We were never married and she has moved on. I’m just focusing on me at this point. To understand gods will and trust in him.


      truthlover5 responded:
      December 21, 2019 at 9:30 am

      So glad to hear from you.

      The fact that your daughter is only 2 is a blessing because that means you have less damage to undo. No matter what, she is still your daughter and deserves your loving encouragement and support throughout her life once your behavior is God-directed.

      God’s will. Will means desires. Surrendering to God’s will is when the Divine’s desires for you and your desires are the same. One desire. There is nothing more powerful than that complete Unity.

      I’m proud of you. Let me know how all is going for you and what is shifting in your life. I believe in you.

      God blesses you now and always.



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