Living the Golden Rule, Part 1

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What does it mean to live the Golden Rule? How might it make a difference in your life? Thinking about how it affects the world comes later. This post is about you.

First, you have to decide how you want to be treated. This is worth some thought on your part.

Do you want love? Respect? Understanding? Compassion? Patience? Friends? Fun times? How would you like others to treat you

You are welcome to comment below on how you would like to be treated.

Write what you want on a list. Next time we’ll consider how wanting others to treat you in special ways might change your own actions.


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7 thoughts on “Living the Golden Rule, Part 1

    Dan11 said:
    January 29, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    I’d like all those things honestly. I’m tired of manipulating or hitting up people for things that I’m capable of. I’d honestly like to learn to be different from where I stand now with my behaviors and really fix the issue at heart.


      truthlover5 responded:
      January 29, 2020 at 6:22 pm

      Congratulations for reaching this point along your journey. Your life will start shifting in amazing directions.

      For your next step, Go somewhere you are alone and won’t be disturbed. It could be at home, in a chapel, or at a state park surrounded by nature.

      Ask Jesus/God to help you. Say you want to surrender but you want help. Pour out your heart, share your fears, your concerns, that you’re tired of your life and want a better way. Don’t be afraid to argue. But, you must want it desperately, from the deepest part of your soul. Top priority.

      You are opening a 2-way dialogue. You will receive answers. You might get a message in your mind that comes so quickly you might doubt you heard it. Ask for clarification. It might come as a feeling in your gut, a knowing. You will most likely feel a peace within you.

      To keep this response focused, I will end here, but will add more in the next response.

      God blesses you now and always.



      truthlover5 responded:
      January 29, 2020 at 6:29 pm

      This is from Carolyne Cathey’s commentary on surrender in the explanation of the 4th Beatitude.

      “So finally after several days of researching for this Beatitude, & still being told by Jesus I was missing something important, I was guided to do an automatic writing exercise where I pray, ask the question, & then write whatever comes through to me.

      “This is what I received: Jesus said…

      ‘Write what I tell you. Write of love. Write of longing for a right relationship with God. A loving relationship. A powerful relationship. That the only way we can be right with God is to surrender to God’s will, & allow God to direct our relationship. A right relationship with God is not from us directing the way, but allowing God’s will to be done through us, empowering us. That is a right relationship with God.’

      “I asked if There’s anything else?  Jesus said,

      ‘It’s our hearts. The longing in our hearts. We have to really want a right relationship with God, not to be afraid of it, but to embrace it. Not a tepid desire, but an all or nothing quest, knowing that this is where lies our bliss & we won’t’ settle for anything less than the highest & best.

      He said talk about the Truth. The burning Truth. The purifying truth. A truth that challenges us to dare to live as God would have us live. How badly do we want a right relationship with God? he asked. A loving relationship? A powerful relationship? An all-time 24/7 relationship, not just when we don’t have anything better to do. All or nothing.’

      “What I finally realized: 

      It’s not that we must have goodness so that we can connect with God, it’s that we connect with God so that we can have goodness. God is our source for goodness, or righteousness. If we want all from God, then we must first give our all to God.”

      God blesses us now and always.



    Living the Golden Rule, Part 2 « TRUTH said:
    January 30, 2020 at 9:42 am

    […] Part 1, the question you were to ask yourself is how you want to be treated by […]


    Dan11 said:
    January 30, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    Today was a different mindset truthlover5. For the longest time I didn’t believe I had a heart. I would overthink constantly. I prayed the other night and talked to god about my fears and concerns. Not in depth but the main. Today I didn’t think as much and was a little more vulnerable. Yet I messaged people and talked to them here and there. My feelings were hurt but I didn’t hold grudges. Whenever I do talk to the mother of our daughter I do feel anxious and hold resentments to her.


    […] Part 1, the question you were to ask yourself is how you want to be treated by others. […]


    […] Part 1, the question you were to ask yourself is how you want to be treated by others. […]


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