What do You Want – Really? Part 4: Turning Your Goals into Realities – #2 Embodiment

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Why? Because… Turning goals into realities is more than wishful thinking; It is an unwavering mental picture of your desire with expectation for the results in form.


Embodiment means to live as if you have already achieved your goal – to know that it is already manifested even though you might not yet see the results, but that you know, without doubt, that it is already yours to claim when the timing is right. It means, the ‘now’ is NOW!

#1 Visualization in Part 3 is about mentally seeing the act of completion. Embodying means we move forward with the actions by allowing the messages to flow through us according to God’s will, to even consider the steps to take to accomplish the goal, knowing that God is really in control of the how, when, what it finally looks like, etc.  What is vital is to listen to what our Divine Intuition is telling/guiding us to do, then to have the faith to follow through on those urgings. The reason we must believe we’ve received it before we see it is that if we didn’t ‘know, without doubt’ the goal would happen, then we wouldn’t spend treasurable life-moments working on it. See how it all fits together?

Exercise: How might you embody your goal? Write several possibilities, because the more depth in your thought process and the more passion in your desire for fulfillment, then the more real it becomes in your mind, which then transforms into reality through Divine Partnership. Remember, this isn’t about hoping and wishing, but knowing without doubt, in co-creation with your Creator.

True story of transforming from wants, to goals, to realities:

A true success story about Jess, the Reluctant Villain, who changed his life, and set goals by visualizing and embodying his determination to change from his unwanted burden of a Narcissistic Sociopath personality, to one where he could life a normal, loving life with a wife and children and his career. 

As you read on the home page, there are 15 million people diagnosed with this personality in the US alone – that is one in 20. They harm many millions more. If you want more information, go to the home page about this personality and the traits. It has been visited by over 178 countries, and recently there were over 1400 hits in one day by people looking for answers. Doctors claim they cannot be cured because they don’t want to change. Wrong!

Truth! With God ALL things are possible! God is the secret in all of life, no matter the issue or situation.

The following is a portion of an ongoing dialogue I had with Jess, the Reluctant Villain, who claimed he was a nar-soc, as he calls it. For more than five months, we had pages of back and forth conversation.

IN THE BEGINNING, he was certain he could never be changed – he didn’t want to change, didn’t see the need to change. He felt no emotion of any kind and yet he manipulated people in destructive ways – not physically (his boundary), but emotionally. And yet, he seemed to be searching for something, for answers, wanting to know why he was like that, because he asked lots of questions. No matter the encouragement I sent him on what his life could be like, to connect with his True Inner Power, at the end, he seemed to harden even more and refuse to shift, as if it was hopeless.

At the point where I decided there was no more point to continuing our discussion, a miracle happened.

Jess sent an email. I’ve compiled several into one.

Jess said,

“I had a moment that i cant explain, i went to the park, i walked the path ive walked many times, never once have i thought about the path, but as i walked it hit me like a lightning bolt, that this isnt me, but at the same time it is, and i can control who i am. when i got to my car, i looked around the park, tears started to come down, and a smile came to my face as i thought about it all, the tears weren’t because i felt bad, but because i saw for even the slightest second of what i could be instead.

     i believe it’s true that I can be a better person, i WILL be a better person, Im going later this week to get a Semicolon tattoo so that every time i look at my forearm, im reminded that this isnt where my story ended, its where it began…i will take it 1 day at a time.

     i cant change the pain i caused her (his latest ex-target), and I said i was honestly sorry to her this morning, she may not believe me and i understand that, but for me.. that was step 1 step 2 is to not concentrate on my mistakes, but to start my story from here, Chapter 1.

     So last night i went and got that tattoo, and i gotta say every time i turn my wrist i see it and its a nice reminder that “This is where my Story begins” thats what was in my head all day, my work day flew by, wasnt constantly thinking the thoughts i normally do, normally im just concerned with what others think of what im doing so i can keep my stock up so to speak, but instead i just did what i needed to do to get my work done, not once caring what others thought of me like normal, i hope its something i can keep up, its a unique feeling to say the least.

I have always had very very violent dreams, and i always remember every dream, (but) last night i had a dream, and for the first time i dont remember it, but it made me wake up with a smile before falling back asleep, might mean nothing, just not something im used to is all.

 Everything needs to be put behind me, i WILL make mistakes in the future, but it will be what i do after i make them that i am going to change, What i felt at that park was the first bit of emotion ive felt, it didnt last a whole long time, maybe 2 mins, but i want to feel that again, and i know i will.” ~ Jess

Does this man have a goal? Is the Divine working in and through him to bring about this miracle? Did you note the key words to success?

“I believe. I know I will.” He believes. He knows it will happen. Without doubt.

He even got a tattoo as a constant reminder to himself. The man whose life was hell, and made others’ lives hell, and who had no hope for changing, now believes he can and will change. And the change is already happening. He has decided to take it one day at time. Does he know the how? No, but he trusts, for the first time in his physical existence, that there is a better life for him and he’s going after it with all he has – focus, purpose, intention.

The reason I’ve inserted this life story here is because if Jeff’s life can change (when experts claim otherwise), then yours can too. Yours will.

Believe. Know it will happen. Without doubt.

Click the links to read the full story of Jess’s Transformation, and update 1, and update2.

***REMEMBER: You do not have to know the HOW, only the WHAT. The Divine takes care of the how. Listen to the urgings of your heart, the passions; those are God-seeds planted there for you to use and develop for your happiness and joy. In fact, the Divine is with you through everything – the entire process – as a co-creator of which goals are best for you, your belief in and trust that the goals are already yours, along with the Divine Implementer carrying out the how to a successful result – thought into form, cause into effect.

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