What Do You Want – Really? Part 1

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“If you could place an order, like from a menu, knowing it would be brought for you, what would you ask for? What do you want?”

“What do you want, really”, seems an easy question, but it is often one of the most difficult questions we ask ourselves. Especially if our lives are tied up with a sociopath who bans self-thought of what we want for ourselves or our children. Do you feel you aren’t allowed to choose for yourself? That in doing so you will suffer punishment of some kind? So, to be safe and try to maintain peace, or lack of abuse, you merely go along with what the sociopath dictates? For survival, maybe what you want is not to be hit again. But is that what you want – really? These are tough questions when life is tough. But, and this is important, unless you know what you really want, you’ll never get to where you truly want to be.

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The following post is to help you take control of your life by knowing what you want – not an easy answer.    Hope you enjoy the excerpt From the book Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life p.  2015. p. 207-211. Cathey, Carolyne. 


Carolyne Cathey writes…


The following are three quotes on this topic from Jesus, my Spiritual Mentor:

Jesus wants me to share these quotes to benefit you:

“What do you want? Partner with the Divine to know what is best for you. Open up to possibilities and true-heart’s-desires you never had the courage to express, or even more, to go for. How can you experience the life you truly want if you don’t know what that is?” ~ Jesus

“Free will is your gift from the Creator. Your power lies in your freedom to choose. No one can take that power from you unless you allow it. Choose well. Choose from your unlimited supply of options and answers provided by the Divine, for you.” ~ Jesus

“In reality, you are choosing continuously. Everything you do is a choice – every thought, every word, every action. The key is to choose well.”

And yet, to choose well, first, know what you want.

Do you see how it all cycles back to knowing what you want? Knowing what you want is crucial. How do you decide what you want? Some of us have a tendency to merely drift – and often to drift along with the current of what others want. Sometimes, through fear or false sense of security, we go for what is expected, or safe, or traditional, or the easy route.

Have you felt challenged in knowing what you really want?

The following is a true story of a Divine Message I (Carolyne) received that I call…

“What Do You Want?”

One day I was driving a winding rural road to attend Sunday Celebration at our local Spiritual Center. While steering around the curves, I conversed with my inner Jesus/Christ/Mentor/guide/friend about my upcoming financial needs for our grandson’s graduation, airline tickets for the children, birthdays, and on and on for all the things I wanted to provide for the people I love.

“What do you want?” the Divine voice interrupted.

After recovering from the surprise of audibly hearing his voice, I thought a minute. “Abundance for the children and grandchildren…”

“That’s for someone else. What do you want?”

“Well, a higher spiritual path….”

“You already have that. What do you want?”

Everything I thought of was to benefit someone else. And every time, he said…

“No, what do you want? Everyone else is being taken care of. What do you want for you?”

I was at a loss to come up with anything specific for me, personally. “That’s really hard!” I responded. I thought for a day and still hadn’t really come up with anything in particular. I asked him, “Would you help me? Would you tell me what I should ask for?”

To my shock, he said…

“No, you must do this on your own. You have gone all through your life letting other people make your decisions for you. People ask you to do something to help them, and you do, and you make it your own. But they were the ones who made the decision for you.

“If you could place an order, like from a menu, knowing it would be brought for you, what would you ask for? What do you want?”

I’ll admit, I was stumped. Later I said, “Maybe the answer is that I don’t need anything.”

“I’m not going to let you get by with that. What do you want? What would you like to do on this earth in this human experience while you are still here to do it? What will you regret if you don’t do it while you’re alive in the physical? While you have the chance? It’s your time!”

Once I dared think of what I wanted, I started writing everything down. I was amazed. For most of the list there was no reason for me not to have them. Some items were small things like flowers, tabletop water fountains, pretty rocks, candles and books, and, and… There were some bigger things too, which is why I suggest you start writing down everything that gives you pleasure, realizing you never choose anything that restricts anyone else’s freedom. This is about you.

The important part is to know what you want!! How can you go for it, or accomplish it, if you don’t even know what that is?

For example, when we were vacationing with the children, those who knew what they wanted to do we made sure we did it – like playing golf, tennis, ocean fishing, horseback riding on the beach, boogie boarding, white water rafting, their favorite restaurants, seeing friends they hadn’t seen for a year… If they hadn’t first made definite choices and verbalized them, their greatest desires wouldn’t have occurred, and we would have spent time on other ‘stuff’ that wasn’t as meaningful to them. Their definite desires determined the schedule, like a road map.

This message is true for you.

My suggestion to you is to start writing down things or experiences that give you joy, make you feel good and express your inner passion. List everything. Then go beneath the surface-wants to what you really want.

For instance, after working on this exercise, I suddenly discovered that what I originally thought I wanted is really only a superficial want, not the core. For example, I originally said I wanted to be able provide abundance for my children and grandchildren. After several months, the realization ‘aha’d that providing for the children/grandchildren wasn’t what I really wanted. What I really wanted was for my children and grandchildren to be independent and responsible for their own abundance. That’s where their true joy would lie. They would be freer and not dependent on me or anyone else.

By the way, when I went back to my list several weeks later, I realized that much of them had already happened, and the others were in progress.

I challenge you to make your own list, and then go deeper with your thinking. Drill down to the real want. Dig so deeply that you unearth long-buried dreams. This moment is the time to unearth them, clean them off, and bring them to the light and fresh air. Give them to God. Prepare for miracles.

So, I ask you what Jesus asked me…

What do you want?

NOTE: Knowing what you truly want might take time. Also, you might benefit from doing this exercise at least once a year because your goals will change, especially after some are completed, and after you gain courage to go more boldly for those dreams.

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EXERCISES for ‘What do you Really Want?’

Don’t worry about any kind of conenction or pattern. Don’t take into consideration whether or not you feel it is possible or realistic. Put fear away. It doesn’t belong here in this exercise. Merely write what comes to you.

But First: What is the most important action for you to take before doing these exercises? Ask for Divine Guidance. Then listen. Ignore fear and open your mind and heart to the intuition, the messages.

We are going to approach what might be your wants from several different angles, so if some of it seems repetitive, it’s for a reason.

 REMEMBER, this is your chance. It’s your time!



  • WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU ENJOY, what gives you pleasure, big or small.
  • WHAT ARE YOUR PASSIONS? What really matters to you? This is a huge clue for you, put within you by the Divine. Listen to those clues. What are your passions?
  • WHAT IS YOUR HEART IS URGING YOU TO DO, or is tugging you in a certain direction that you would LOVE as a result for your life if you had more faith and knew it would turn out well?

Dig beneath the surface or superficial wants to the real wants.

  • WHAT DREAMS ARE LONG-BURIED you might want to unearth?
  • What would you like to do on this earth in this human experience while you are still here to do it?
  • If you were at the end of your life looking backwards, what would you regret not having the courage to do?
  • If you could pick anything for you and your life that you consider a dream existence, what would that look like?

Read through your answers, share some of them if you want.

  • What are the similarities?
  • Is anything missing?
  • Is there a pattern in what you wrote?
  • Did your working on this open up any ‘aha!’s’ for you?
  • Did something come to mind that is an inspiration for you to follow?
  • Circle the ones that are most important to you – a starting place.


  • FEAR – how many ways does that fear come through?



 Final question: Has this exercise been helpful?

“What do you want? Partner with the Divine to know what is best for you. Open up to possibilities and true-heart’s-desires you never had the courage to express, or even more, to go for. How can you experience the life you truly want if you don’t know what that is?” ~ Jesus

I suggest you take these comments and go inward, ask for Divine help and guidance. Give loving thought to your wants. They will determine your life. Don’t worry about the how. Trust. Have faith. Trust.

REMEMBER, this is your chance. NOW is your time!

FROM TRUTH: IMPORTANT! If what you want is to stop the abuse, click on the link: Stop the Abuse


Unworthy? Never! You’re Magnificent!

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Important! Please read this post!

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you are stupid, ugly, or unworthy! The people that try to tell you that are only acting from fear – their need to control others to make themselves feel more important. What they are really doing is showing their feelings of fear and inadequacy. Don’t ever listen to them. They are wrong!

The following post is to help you realize how magnificent you are.    Hope you enjoy the excerpt From the book Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life p.  2015. p. 287-289. Cathey, Carolyne. 


Carolyne Cathey writes…

Unworthy? Never! You’re Magnificent!

DO YOU EVER feel unworthy and not good enough, or that you don’t believe in yourself and in your magnificence?

The hardest misconception you have to overcome is to know that you are truly unique and special. You are rare, one-of-a-kind. You are created from “God-Stuff’ with all of God’s fabulous attributes, however each creation is an individualized one-of-a-kind. Sadly, this is a difficult concept to accept and yet is the most important truth you are to grasp.

Do you practice a negative habit of putting yourself down, being humble, thinking you don’t count?

Your negative beliefs are all lies. You will never live to your full potential until you know in your heart that—

The Spirit of God dwells within. You are one with that Spirit.

Please take a moment and contemplate the power in that truth. You are one with your Creator and all of the power and intelligence of your Creator. For your own highest spiritual growth and happiness, you are encouraged to realize and accept this truth, and live accordingly, in faith. Have respect for this truth. Honor the God within you.

This issue might not apply to you because you already recognize your worth, but if you don’t, I encourage you to decide, this moment, that you will never again put yourself down. Promise yourself you will practice and repeat this truth to yourself until you ‘know’ that you are of God. I’ve heard the saying, “God don’t make no junk.” Another is that “Don’t say anything about yourself you wouldn’t say about God.”

When you delude yourself into believing you are less incredible than you are, you cheat God, you cheat yourself, and you cheat the world. If you love God, then you must also love yourself because God created you. Whether or not you love God, or believe in God, the truth is that God created you. God loves you.

Dare you disparage your Creator by criticizing the creation? If you have a challenge with self-confidence, aren’t you tired of living the falsehood that you are not good enough? Are you beginning to sense that, somewhere in history, you let mankind decide your worth for you? And believed them? And that in your acceptance of their incorrect beliefs of who you are, you allowed others to control you—to control your destiny? If so, you accepted and lived a lie that is the opposite of the truth, that—

“You are worthy. You are of God. You are one with your Source, your only Source. You are magnificent.” ~ Jesus

Meaning: I urge you to exchange your lack of self-confidence for the fullness of God-confidence. You are to repeat these truths until you ‘know’ they are true. Until you ‘know’, deep down to the very core of you, without doubt, that you are of God. Once you know them in your heart you’ll feel the weight lift from your soul.

Feel the power. Feel the confidence. Feel the joy. This is the being the Divine wants as a partner. A ‘can-do all things’ individual because the ‘can-do’ is your Creator flowing through you. All you are doing is allowing, giving permission for the Greatness of the Universe to use you and bless you.

Once you ‘know’ that truth, then you’ll never want to revert to your old false thinking about yourself. Throw all those untruths into the garbage, because that is what those false beliefs truly are—garbage. Your spiritual mentor assures you that the Divine needs you as a strong partner within the Oneness, for you are the means through which the Divine expands—through you as a physical being.

“Don’t say anything about yourself you wouldn’t say about God.” ~ Anonymous


Reality? Or Mirage?

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The following post is helpful for inspiring courage in knowing that just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Where is your happiness? From the inside, or the outside? And why?  Hope you enjoy the excerpt From the book Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life p.  2015. 381-387. Cathey, Carolyne. 


Carolyne Cathey writes…

SPIRITUAL ONENESS IS challenging to prove because of the supposed unseen aspect of it. Our tendency is, out of fear, or ego, or misunderstanding, to reach toward the visible, the tangible, which means something you can touch. That, in itself is a clue. Whatever you can touch is only temporary. Your true happiness lies with the intangible, the unseen.

I asked Jesus for an understanding of the tangible versus the intangible. He said:

“Trust in the True Reality that is Unseen and yet is revealed in so many ways—love, joy, beauty, harmony, a smile, compassion, acts of kindness—the qualities in life that matter.”

The following Divine message flashed into my mind in it’s entirety, which is always the way they appear to me, the entire message at once.


Wayfarer, a traveler in search of happiness, acceptance, popularity and with a baffling emptiness he longs to fill, stands in front of an invisible ‘something’ that seems like a vast warehouse as large as the Universe. He feels an energy, a power, a silent calling or urging. He senses a luxuriant abundance, all that he could ever dream of, but what bothers him is that he can’t see it or touch it.

A quiet voice that is surely his imagination whispers that what he senses is the Reality, the Eternal Truth, the Creator that is Love—the love from which he was created, the Source of peace, joy and fulfillment. He’s told he is one with that Source, and that all of that bounty is freely and abundantly available to him. Even more bizarre, he’s told that the doorway to all that magnificence is from within him, which makes no sense at all. How could he believe in or trust in something he can’t see or touch? How could something so vast be within him? He decides that weird, crazy thoughts are playing with his mind.

Believing there is nothing for him there, he rejects what is surely insanity and turns toward a barren cracked desert that stretches out in front of him. There isn’t much to view in the dry expanse, but at least it’s something tangible, something he can understand. Shriveled plants struggle to survive in the arid wasteland, pale and wilted because there is no nourishment, but he can see them, and touch them, and prove they exist.

As he scans the desert, he sees a shimmering image in the distance, like a mirage. Squinting to better see, his excitement leaps as he notices people within the wavering vision. They are laughing, having fun and dancing, buying lots of ‘things’ and are busy, busy, busy, which means they must be important people—and popular.

Finally! That is what he is looking for. Wayfarer is hungry for fulfillment, for being liked, for being appreciated and famous. He feels an indescribable emptiness inside that he is desperate to fill. The answer to all of that is right in front of him.

Struggling across the cracked earth, he enters into the mirage. People surround him, rushing around madly. In talking with them he discovers they gain happiness by filling up their homes and lives with ‘things’ and activities—large screen TV’s, the latest technology, extravagant homes and cars, drugs and parties and an excess of outside stimulation and adulation.

Wayfarer is glad he didn’t give into the insanity of going within for happiness. He’s embarrassed he was even tempted. Obviously, its what is outside of him that counts. The society around him proves it.

He learns that these busy, popular, important people aren’t interested in the spiritual exploration because, like Wayfarer, they’re not even sure it exists—they can’t see it, or touch it, and they don’t trust in anything they can’t prove. Wayfarer relates because that is how he feels. He is finally with like-minded people who won’t ridicule him and make him look and feel foolish for trying to understand the impossible.

Everyone looks pleased with all of their ‘stuff’ as if they are having fun, like a game, where the one with the greatest and newest is the most adulated. They obviously believe all of that ‘stuff’ and activity will fulfill them because they are working so hard to get it, and they must be correct or they wouldn’t be so elated.

Wayfarer thinks that if he had what they have, then he would be happy, too. He finds a place to live and starts buying and amassing things. Oddly, he notices he’s not any happier, and maybe even less so, but perhaps he’s not doing it right and hasn’t given the effort enough time. So he buys more and bigger and better and newer and takes feel-good drugs as do his new friends with whom he’s hanging out and who make him feel accepted. He works even harder to fit in and be popular. Some of the things people say and do don’t seem quite right to him, but to be liked, he goes along and pretends he fits in by mimicking what they say and do.

He hides that he’s puzzled as to why he still isn’t happy on the inside. He wonders why everyone else is so apparently gratified and he isn’t? What is he doing wrong? Despite all he has bought and done and taken and the friends he has around him, he is still hungry for something indefinable. He feels unfulfilled, still seeking, still wondering what else he can buy or do to fill that emptiness.

Maybe he didn’t pick the right ‘things’, or wasn’t with the right people, or the right job, or he might take even more exotic drugs because they entice with momentary pleasure even though the drugs then betray him with making him want more, and more. He keeps grasping—for what he’s not sure.

Where is the magic answer? Of course, some of the material goods are vital for his survival and enjoyment of the physical. He’s beginning to suspect that they are only for living in comfort, not for satisfaction.

As time goes on, he notices incongruities. People on drugs don’t appear as happy as they once did, some even look ill. Lives falling apart. Desperate. Hanging out in dirty alleys. Dying too young. The people rushing around the streets have a strained look in their eyes, as if all is not as it appears. Their smiles don’t reach their eyes anymore. They almost seem a little confused, like Wayfarer does, and that if they just try harder, or keep pretending and keep everyone fooled until it actually happens—the ‘fake it until you make it’ mentality, then . . . .

Disillusioned, he acknowledges that the things outside of him aren’t satisfying him on the inside at all. A traitorous thought leaps into his mind—

Inside? As in going within? Is it possible that the ‘outside’ can never satisfy the ‘inside’?

The thought frightens him. Maybe he really is crazy.

He hears that disturbing voice again that his true happiness is inside him, that he is created from the One Source, within God, within the Unlimited Supplier, the Power of the Universe.

The quiet inner voice insists that the True Riches are piled high for his enjoyment, his for the taking, and that to access them he only has to go within and surrender. What nonsense! What a fearful concept! Surrender? But that means he loses control.

And yet, he learned that his soul still feels a thirst that nothing outside of him quenches. Like a mirage, what he’s been striving for are apparently only illusory promises that vanish when he gets close to his goal, and always just out of reach.

He is at a point of decision. Should he risk everything and trust in the unseen that is said to be the Reality? Or keep searching for things and stuff that he can see and touch and yet disappointingly reveal themselves as illusions?

Wayfarer has a choice. He’s told that all he has to do is go within to his Source, to his Unlimited Supplier, to the abundance of the Universe, and say ‘help me’. To go within and say ‘yes’. To surrender all that is illusion for the truth of who he truly is—one with and within the Divine.

The voice promises that within, in connection with the Divine, is where his true happiness lies, his only fulfillment. He acknowledges his other attempts at happiness failed.

Which will Wayfarer choose? Reality? Or Mirage?

Which have you chosen for you?

Meaning: The tangible is temporary, the mirage. The intangible is lasting, the Reality. You’re provided free will. You have a choice, the most important choice you will ever make.

Yes, life is to be enjoyed. A life of abundance. What is crucial for you to know is that your true happiness comes from within you, not from anything outside of you.

Once you get the ‘inside’ part and surrender, then you’re allowing the Divine to guide you with the ‘outside’, too, making life more wonderful than you ever imagined.

“You are to repeat and repeat until all know without doubt, you are one with the Source, and the Source is your Unlimited Supplier, not a human.”

Which means you are to turn to the Source for all things, and,

“Once you ‘get Oneness’, everything else falls in place.” ~  Jesus, / Divine Messages from Jesus for a magnificent life. p. 387. 2015. Cathey, Carolyne.